The Flemish Fish Auction

The Flemish fish auction, a private company, operates two auctions localized in the 2 Flemish fishingports of Zeebrugge and Ostend.

The mission of the Flemish fish auction is to bring together the supply and demand of fresh wild fish in order to obtain the best
price for producers and buyers.

The supply of fish are sold over the internet in real-time and on a network which connects 3 clocks namely in Zeebrugge, Ostend
and Nieuwpoort.

Every year about 17 million kilograms of fish find their way through wholesalers to consumers in all Europe.

The European Food Centre (EFC)

The European food center is a logistics platform that consists out of two clusters of fishing companies with two auctions as its
engine . The two clusters contain about 130 companies and employs +/- 800 people in the fishing business.

They work both in the fishing port of Zeebrugge as in the fishing port of Oostende on the development as on the organic growth of the
local cluster. 

The existing companies are composed out of fish sales and fish processing which support the demand for fish. On the other hand is the presence of service essential for the continuity of the whole sector.

Services provided by the fish auction.

The fish auction maintains its status as a “house of trust” for the various suppliers, wholesalers and fish processing industry by offering various services:

  •  Sorting fish by means of a customized machinery and a group of 60 people
  • Auctioning the fish through an up-to-date auction system
  • Inspection of offered fish
  • Supply of ice
  • Cleaning of the boxes that contained the fish
  • The coordination of the transport
  • The supply of ships